Discover Klaipėda on Four Wheels

Navigating Driving Schools and Obtaining a Driving License 


Discover Klaipėda on Four Wheels

The process of obtaining a driving license as an international resident in a foreign country can seem daunting, but we promise to help you understand it. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process. Make sure to check out our page about Regitra services for driving licenses. 

Exchanging EU/EEA Driving Licenses 

If you have a driving license issued in an EU or EEA country, you can drive in Lithuania with it. However, for licenses issued by third countries, their validity depends on whether they comply with international conventions, such as the Geneva and Vienna Road Traffic Conventions. If your license doesn't meet these requirements, you'll need an international driving license in addition to your national one. Driving licenses issued in EU or EEA countries can be exchanged without additional tests at Regitra*. 

Exchanging non-EU/EEU Driving Licenses 

Driving licenses issued in countries outside the EU or EEA require passing theory and practical driving tests to be exchanged for a Lithuanian license. Exceptions include licenses from  

  • Switzerland 
  • Republic of Korea (B and BE categories only) 
  • United Arab Emirates (A1, A2, A, B, and D1 categories only) 
  • Moldova (AM, A1, A2, A, B1, and B categories only) 
  1. Understanding the Requirements:

To obtain a driving license in Lithuania, you must be of legal driving age and be a resident of Lithuania: 

  • Category A (Motorcycles over 35 kW cc): 

Minimum age requirement: 20 years. 

To drive motorcycles in this category, candidates must have a minimum of 2 years' experience on motorcycles under an A2 license. However, this requirement may be waived if the candidate is at least 24 years old. 

Motor tricycles exceeding 15 kW: Minimum age requirement fixed at 21 years. 

  • Category B (Passenger Cars): 

Minimum age requirement: 18 years. 

  • Residency Requirement: 

To take the driving exam, candidates must be permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania, which means living in the country for more than 6 months. This applies to both Lithuanian citizens and foreign nationals. Students who have been studying in Lithuania for at least 6 months are also considered to be persons permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania. 

Additionally, you must be familiar with Lithuanian traffic rules and regulations, as they will be a part of the driving test. 

  1. Required Documents:

To take the theory test for a driving license, you will need the following documents: 

  • Documentary proof of your identity. 
  • Valid medical certificate confirming your fitness for driving a motor vehicle of a particular category. 
  • Health attestation certificate confirming your completion of First Aid Training courses.
  • Any previously issued valid driving license, if applicable. 
  1. Preparing for the Theory Exam:

Start your journey by acquainting yourself with Lithuanian driving laws and road signs. The theory exam will test your knowledge of these essential topics. You can take a practice theory test here. A minimum of 20 hours of driving lessons with a qualified instructor is required to obtain a driving license. You can find a qualified instructor by enrolling in a driving school.  

  1. Enrolling in a Driving School:

To excel in both the theory and practical driving exams, consider enrolling in a driving school. Driving schools in Klaipėda, like "BKU Centras," offer courses in English and Russian, and “Vingio VM Driving School” offers courses in Russian. These schools ensure you have a thorough understanding of the driving techniques and rules. 

  1. Practical Driving Exam:

The driving exams consist of theory and practical driving exams. The practical examination assesses your ability to navigate traffic, perform essential maneuvers, and adhere to safety regulations. Both the theory and practical driving tests take place at Regitra offices. 

  1. Obtaining Your License:

Once you successfully pass both the theory and practical exams, you can apply for your driving license at Regitra. Obtaining a driving license in Lithuania typically costs around 600-800 Eur, which includes driving lessons with a qualified instructor and all necessary fees. 

You are now ready to discover Klaipėda and beyond on four wheels. Remember, safety comes first, so always obey traffic rules and drive responsibly.  

*Regitra handles all matters concerning vehicle ownership and driving in Lithuania. This includes registering motor vehicles and their trailers, conducting driver examinations, and providing driving licenses.