Driving Licence by Regitra

From obtaining a Lithuanian driver’s licence to registering your car, Regitra is the main point of contact for motor vehicle users in Lithuania.
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Regitra manages all things related to owning and driving motor vehicles in Lithuania.

Consultations are available with International House Klaipėda representative.


Regitra provides the following services:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver’s licence examinations
  • Issuance of driving licences
  • Purchasing of state licence plates

In order to get an individual consultation, go to the Regitra website or schedule an appointment with an International House Klaipėda specialist.


For anyone taking up residency in Klaipeda, it is important to note that drivers from non-EU countries are only permitted to drive in Lithuania with an international licence for up to 90 days. Individuals planning to stay in Lithuania for 185 days or more in a given calendar year must obtain a Lithuanian driver’s permit.

It is also worth noting that passenger vehicles are not required to pay highway tolls; all cars must be fitted with winter or all-season tyres from 10 November to 1 April; and using a mobile phone without a hands-free system is not permitted while driving.

There are several multilingual driving schools offering services for foreigners who would like to obtain their Lithuanian driver’s licence.

Driving schools in Klaipėda offering lessons in English:

Driving schools in Klaipėda offering lessons in Russian:

Regitra carries out driver’s licence exams. More information on obtaining a license and converting your licence to be valid in the EU can be found here.