How to Choose the Best Health Insurance in Klaipeda

Choosing the right health insurance is crucial in Lithuania, with the Compulsory Health Insurance (PSD Lithuania) system being a key element in the nation's healthcare.
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This guide focuses on the essentials of the CHI system in Lithuania, underscores key factors in selecting health insurance, and provides an overview of the various options available within the CHI framework, tailored to meet the population's needs.

Basics of Compulsory Health Insurance in Lithuania (CHI)

Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) in Lithuania is fundamental to the country's healthcare system. It's supported by taxes and personal contributions and provides a wide range of medical services, from basic primary care to specialized surgical procedures. Mandatory for all residents, including international students and professionals in Klaipėda, CHI ensures that everyone has access to essential healthcare.

Those covered by CHI benefit from a broad spectrum of healthcare services, including the cost of medications and medical aids, managed by the National Health Insurance Fund (VLK, National Lithuanian Health Insurance).

The cost for medical treatments can differ depending on the healthcare facility. Persons outside the CHI system in Klaipėda and Lithuania are gently reminded that they may need to cover their healthcare expenses on their own, even when holding additional insurance.

Coverage Under CHI

The CHI system in Lithuania offers extensive coverage, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and emergency care. It is designed to meet a wide range of healthcare needs for various groups. This includes Lithuanian citizens, foreigners residing permanently in Lithuania, foreigners with a temporary residence permit who work or have worked in Lithuania, individuals receiving pensions under international agreements, unaccompanied minor foreigners, persons with subsidiary protection, and displaced persons.
Dependents of workers are also covered by the public healthcare system, encompassing family members of employees, the unemployed, retirees, long-term sick individuals, and women on maternity leave. Self-employed individuals are required to contribute to the health fund.

Specific regulations apply to foreign students. Students from EU member countries must present either a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Form S1, confirming insurance in another EU country. Students from non-EU countries are not covered by the state CHI system and must obtain private health insurance. The cost of health insurance in Lithuania can vary between about 50 to 150 EUR per year, depending on the policy.

However, there are some limitations in the CHI system. Services such as dental care or elective hospital treatments may not be fully covered. This makes it important for residents throughout Lithuania to be aware of these potential restrictions in order to avoid unexpected costs. In some cases, additional private insurance may be necessary to ensure comprehensive protection.

Understanding Health Care Costs

The CHI system Lithuania covers a wide range of healthcare costs, including key medical services and treatments. In addition to these comprehensive benefits, there are certain costs like monthly contributions, copayments, and fees for services not covered. It's beneficial for residents to be aware of these aspects and to potentially consider supplemental health insurance in Klaipėda, which can help minimize out-of-pocket expenses and enhance overall insurance coverage.

Self-insured individuals must pay monthly CHI contributions of 6.98% of the minimum monthly wage (MMA). For 2023, this contribution is 58.63 Euros. To make contributions, the following steps are required:

Network of Healthcare Providers

In Lithuania, having access to an extensive network of doctors and hospitals in the public sector is essential when selecting health insurance. It’s important to ensure that your preferred healthcare providers are part of the compulsory health insurance Lithuania (CHI) network to guarantee comprehensive medical care.

In Lithuania, both insured and uninsured individuals have access to public, municipal, and private healthcare facilities. In public healthcare institutions, services are mostly free for those covered by CHI, except for certain medical tests or procedures not paid for by the State Patient Fund. Many public clinics offer medical services in Russian, and English as well.

Registering with a healthcare facility is an important step to access these services. Choose a facility and register there with your ID. This registration is limited to individuals insured under the CHI system, regardless of whether the institution is public or private.

Private healthcare facilities typically provide paid services, often with discounts for CHI-insured individuals. Some have also formed agreements with private health insurance companies for direct reimbursement of healthcare service fees. In private institutions, it’s also likely to find medical services available in English, which is particularly beneficial for international residents.

Additional Services and Benefits

Health plans in Lithuania offer a range of supplementary services that go beyond basic medical care. These services include wellness programs, preventive measures, telemedicine consultations, and online options. They cater to diverse healthcare needs and are valuable to residents across the country.

Wellness programs encompass stress management courses, fitness offerings, and dietary counseling. Preventive measures are vital for early health issue detection and treatment. Telemedicine provides the convenience of online medical advice and diagnoses, which is especially beneficial during travel restrictions, physical limitations, or other circumstances.

These additional services not only enhance the overall value of health plans but also actively contribute to improving individuals' health and well-being.

Flexibility of Plans

Healthcare needs vary from person to person. In Lithuania, it's essential to choose a plan that offers flexibility in both public and private sectors, catering to specific health requirements. Many plans, within the Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) system and private providers, allow for customizations to meet individual needs such as additional maternity care or mental health services.

For instance, some plans might extend options for chronic condition treatment or alternative therapies. Others focus on special packages for young adults, targeting sports injuries or travel medical advice. Comprehensive childcare and vaccination programs are often included in these plans, making them particularly attractive for families.

Choosing a health plan that permits individual adjustments means receiving insurance coverage that is tailored to your personal needs and circumstances. This not only provides financial security but also ensures that your health needs are comprehensively covered.

How to Enroll in Health Insurance in Klaipėda

  • Register for a meeting with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF): The first step is to register with the NHIF representative at International House Klaipėda to discuss all aspects of the compulsory health insurance in Lithuania.
  • Choosing a primary healthcare provider: After registration, select a primary healthcare provider, which can be a general practitioner or a medical facility.
  • Providing required documentation: Enrollment requires an ID and proof of residence. Foreigners temporarily living in Lithuania may need additional documents, such as a work permit or an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), if applicable.
  • Adhering to enrollment deadlines: It is crucial to adhere to the deadlines to ensure continuous insurance coverage. The exact deadlines can be inquired at the NHIF.

For foreigners temporarily living in Lithuania, there are special considerations. If you have an EHIC, you can directly approach a primary healthcare facility that has a contract with the THIF. Ensure to present your EHIC and proof of identity at each doctor's visit. Note that not all services, especially in private facilities, are covered by the EHIC.

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