Health Insurance by the National Health Insurance Fund

For all things related to compulsory health insurance in Lithuania.
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The National Health Insurance Fund (VLK) manages Lithuania’s compulsory health insurance scheme, and provides relevant services and information.

Consultations are available with a Klaipėda ID representative. 


There are two types on health insurance in Lithuania:

All residents who are eligible for Lithuania’s public health insurance must make regular contributions to the fund. Compulsory health insurance provides universal coverage for everyone that contributes to it. 

Compulsory health insurance covers:
  • Permanent residents of Lithuania
  • Foreign nationals temporarily residing in Lithuania, provided they are legally employed in the country, and minor members of their families
  • Unaccompanied foreign minors
  • Foreign nationals who have been granted subsidiary protection in Lithuania
  • Individuals to whom the Law on Health Insurance applies under EU regulations on the coordination of social security systems
  • Displaced people
  • Foreign nationals who have received additional protection in Lithuania and unaccompanied underage foreign nationals
  • UK citizens residing in Lithuania covered by the UK-EU withdrawal agreement
  • Individuals covered by international agreements in the field of health insurance 

Permanent residents of Lithuania who decide to purchase private insurance still need to make compulsory health insurance contributions. 

Residents who are employed legally do not have to make compulsory health insurance contributions on their own, their employer will do so on their behalf.

Freelancers must make compulsory health insurance contributions themselves. Payments should be made to Sodra. More information about these contributions can be found here or you can book a consultation with a specialist from Sodra here.


National Health Insurance Fund provides information and services related to: 

  • Compulsory health insurance validity and validity periods. Note that Sodra provides info about contribution payments, refunds and other administrative support related to compulsory health insurance.

  • European Health Insurance Cards, which give individuals legally residing in Lithuania access to emergency healthcare in other EU countries if needed and give EU citizens access to emergency healthcare in Lithuania if needed.

  • Documents confirming an individual’s right to benefits in their Member State of residence (S1, E104, E106, E109, E121, DA01).

  • Medical rehabilitation.

  • The issuance and reimbursement of certain medicines and medical aids.

  • Provision and payment of healthcare services.

  • Right to receive reimbursement of cross-border healthcare. More information here.

Most of these services are offered online. Alternatively, you can register for an individual phone consultation with a specialist from VLK (contact info can be found here).