Social Insurance Services by Sodra

From accessing the various types of social insurance benefits available to residents, to managing pensions, Sodra is the agency serving individuals who contribute to Lithuania’s social insurance fund.
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Sodra is Lithuania’s State Social Insurance Fund Board and provides services for all matters related to social insurance.

Consulting hours:
Tuesdays 8:00-17:00



Sodra manages Lithuania’s State Social Insurance Fund and serves as a point of contact and representative for residents contributing to the fund. It provides services and consultations on the following topics:

Compulsory health insurance contributions

  • working abroad
  • working individualy

Social insurance contributions:

  • self employment
  • business certificte
  • freelancing

Maternity/paternity/child benefits


  • old age
  • disability
  • survivor/widower
  • supplementary accumulated pension

Sickness benefits/occupational diseases and accidents at work benefits

Unemployment benefits/employer bancrupcy

Issuing of EU-approved forms (E101-E104, A1, among others) 

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