Services by the Municipality of Klaipėda

The Municipality of Klaipėda can help you declare your place of residence, register your children for school, report a problem in the city and much more.
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The Municipality of Klaipėda has set a strategic objective of transforming the city into an ideal place to work, invest, live, and relax. 

Consultations are available with a Klaipėda ID representative.


As a liaison between the City of Klaipėda and its residents, it has devised a strategy with a strong emphasis on the blue economy and prompt resolutions. It offers the following services: 

  • Declaring a place of residence
  • Public kindergarten and school registration for children
  • Applying for child benefits
  • Reporting a problem in the city
  • Document status verification
  • Talent Incentives
  • Business Incentives
  • and many more

For individual consultations, please register at the Municipality of Klaipėda website.