Employment & Job Opportunities by the Lithuanian Employment Service

Get a head start on your job search and stay up to date about the latest individual development opportunities.
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The Lithuanian Employment Service helps jobseekers find employment, assists with individual skills development and equips professionals with the info they need to succeed in the local labour market.

Consulting hours:
Tuesdays 8:00-17:00



Individuals who are unemployed have several options:

    • Registering with the Employment Service to receive job opportunities and/or unemployment benefits.
    • Setting up a consultation with the Employment Service to learn about the labour market in Lithuania and how their qualifications can contribute, then search for a job on their own.

The Employment Service provides the following assistance:

    • Registration of jobseekers with the Employment Service.
    • Consultations related to job searches and Lithuanian labour market information.
    • Information about qualification recognition procedures.
    • Information and services related to exporting unemployment social insurance benefits.
    • Information on the TMS/Your first EURES job European Job Mobility Program and acceptance of applications for financial assistance.
    • Consultations related to employment of third-country nationals in Lithuania (for employers).

For more detailed information, please visit the Employment Services website: