Living the Baltic Dream

Why Klaipėda Should Be on Your Radar as a City to Call Home
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Without a doubt, Klaipėda is a coastal gem that embodies the Baltic dream. It has been ranked as the fifth most welcoming place on earth, according to, and offers a laid-back setting for those seeking a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. We believe Klaipėda is the perfect place to settle in, so let's dive into why Klaipėda should be on your radar as a city to call home.

  1. The eternal workation: Klaipėda offers plenty of career and business opportunities as a regional hub for logistics and transportation with its fast-growing economic and financial incentives for new companies and individuals while being a stress-free coastal city. So if you’re seeking a city that combines work and a vacation pace of life, don’t look further than Klaipėda. It offers affordable office rentals, with prices typically 20% lower than Vilnius and Kaunas. The city provides diverse spaces and opportunities suitable to small businesses' specific needs, making it an ideal destination to establish your presence.
  2. Quality of life: Klaipėda is ranked top among the major Lithuanian cities according to the Reputation Index 2023. This “15-minute” city is easy to navigate with its cheap and convenient public transportation, by bike or even on foot. Rent in the city is nearly 35% lower than in Vilnius, based on seasonality. Klaipėda embraces a relaxed and unhurried pace of life, allowing its residents to enjoy every moment. Despite its leisurely vibe, the city is full of activities for every season. From vibrant summer festivals to cozy winter markets, there's always something exciting happening.
  3. Fostering Creativity: Klaipėda has become a haven for artists, musicians, and creative individuals who become part of the city’s friendly and collaborative community. The vibrant artistic scene welcomes talents from all artistic backgrounds, nurturing their creativity and providing a platform for expression. From art galleries to theater festivals and nightlife, Klaipėda offers a rich cultural scene that inspires and uplifts its residents.
  4. Abundance of Nature: Klaipėda is rightly associated with the sea and nature wildlife. Living in Klaipėda means being surrounded by nature at every turn. The city is blessed with a stunning coastline, magical forests, and breathtaking landscapes attracting both tourists and locals. Whether you are looking for a peaceful time with family, a romantic picnic with a majestic view, an adventurous hike in the woods, a biking trip, surfing classes, or even a beach gym/yoga session, Klaipėda has what you want.
  5. Thriving Community: One of the most appealing aspects of Klaipėda is its strong sense of community. The city is home to individuals actively engaged in social and cultural life and various charitable and community-driven initiatives. Regardless of your interests or passions, you'll find a welcoming community that shares your enthusiasm. Klaipėda gives you a space for your ideas to thrive so that you can make a bigger impact and progress rapidly to the next level. From sports clubs to music ensembles and art collectives to volunteer organizations, Klaipėda offers a supportive network for everyone fostering a sense of belonging.

Embrace the Baltic dream and let Klaipėda be the canvas upon which you paint your fulfilling life. We are in love with Klaipėda and hope you will too.