Hiking, Running, and Biking Paths

If you are a newcomer to Klaipeda, there's no better way to explore the stunning region than through hiking, biking, or running along its paths

Hiking, Running, and Biking Paths

Klaipeda is a city full of nature, and there are various trails waiting to be discovered, offering refreshing adventure whether you are an experienced explorer or just picked up a new interest. Lace up your hiking boots, grab your bike, or put on your running shoes, and don’t forget to check the weather– it's time for the outdoors! 

Ecological Cognitive Path “Litorina” by Olando Кepurė: Ecological Cognitive Path Litorina guides you through the diverse ecosystems of the region to Olando Kepurė (Dutchman’s Hat). Witness the dunes, lush forests, and a unique rock formation resembling a giant hat, which is a  UNESCO World Heritage site. The trail near Klaipėda is a 2.6-km point-to-point route, which is usually classified as an easy path. On average, it takes about 45 minutes to finish by bike and around 2.5 hours on foot.  

More info:  https://www.lithuania.travel/en/place/ecological-cognitive-trail-litorina  

Through Historical Klaipeda Center and Industrial Sites: Hop on your bike or get comfortable shoes and venture into Klaipeda's rich historical and industrial sites. The route is an easy 8km biking or walking path in Klaipėda city and will take approximately 45 mins to complete by bike or 1.5 hours on foot. Starting from the Sailing vessel “Meridians,” the route will take you through churches, parks, and many other historical buildings of the city. 

More info: https://klaipedatravel.lt/en/cycling-paths-in-klaipeda/cycling-through-historical-klaipeda-center-and-industrial-sites/  

Exploring the Northern Klaipeda: For an adventure in the nature, check out the northern Klaipėda. This route leads you through the northern outskirts of Klaipeda, featuring beautiful countryside landscapes, lakes, and forests. It's a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and escape the bustling city life. It’s around 24km route, which is a 3 hour of cycling or 5-6 hours of walking. 

More info: https://klaipedatravel.lt/en/cycling-paths-in-klaipeda/exploring-the-northern-klaipeda-by-bike/  


Klaipėda to Palanga Through the Seaside Regional Park: This scenic trail connects Klaipeda and Palanga through the Baltic coastline. Beginning at Birža Bridge in Klaipėda, the trail takes you on a scenic journey through Melnragė, Giruliai, and Karklė before reaching the stunning Palanga pedestrian bridge. But be cautious near the bluffs as they can be unstable. The hike is harder to complete in one day as it is a 29 km trail and can take up to 10 hours on foot and over 6 hours by bike. However, it gives you an opportunity to see the unique wonders of the Baltic Coastline. 

Map of the trail: https://baltictrails.eu/en/coastal/route/day/168/map?0  

Klaipeda-Nida Trip: Klaipeda-Nida is a longer route for strong enthusiasts that’s better as a biking trip. It promises an unforgettable journey through the Curonian Spit's untouched wilderness. Take up the path from the ferry in Klaipeda to Smiltynė across the Baltic Sea and bike along the coastline to beautiful Nida. 

More info: https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/1574623/#9.06/55.505/21.0641