Buying a flat in Klaipėda

Purchasing a flat or house in Klaipėda is a simple process, with no major restrictions except for agricultural land purchases. Prices vary based on location, size, condition, and other factors, you can explore a range of options that fit your preferences.

Buying a flat in Klaipėda
  • You can browse listings on websites like,, and making your search easier.
  • Whether you deal directly with the owner or rely on a trusted real estate agency, signing the sales contract is the key step. Take your time to understand every aspect of the contract.
  • To provide the utmost security, remember to notarize the sales contract and consider registering ownership at the SE Centre of Registers.
Renting a flat in Klaipėda

Take a relaxed stroll through the various areas in town and discover where you can call home sweet home. You can explore the different neighborhoods and their unique charm by visiting this link: Where can I live? (

Renting a flat in Klaipėda

1) Find a home based on your preferences.

  • When searching for rental apartments in Klaipėda, you can explore websites like, and, which offer listings of available properties for your convenience. These platforms provide a variety of options to help you find the perfect rental apartment that suits your preferences and needs.
  • If you're a student in Klaipėda, it's a good idea to check the dormitories offered by your university. Many Klaipėda universities have on-campus or nearby dorms, making it convenient and immersive for you to be part of the academic community. Exploring these options can help you find affordable and suitable housing during your studies.
  • Average price Rent Per Month in Klaipėda ranges between 350-1000+ EUR based on your preferences.

2) Utilities and other costs

To ensure transparency, feel free to request the past six months' gas and electricity bills from your landlord, giving you a better idea of the utility expenses, you may need to cover. This way, you can make an informed decision and avoid any surprises.

3) Establish communication with a legal representative or the owner of the place.

Make sure that the contract is understandable, consider translating it into your preferred language. This step guarantees a clear understanding of all the terms in both Lithuanian and English, giving you peace of mind and enabling well-informed decisions during the rental process.

4) Pay the deposit after signing the contract.

In Klaipėda, landlords typically request a security deposit before handing over the keys to the rental property. This security deposit is commonly equivalent to one- or two-months’ rent. To ensure the security of your deposit, avoid making any payments to the landlord before obtaining the final, signed agreement; always prioritize signing the contract first.

In Klaipėda, as in the rest of Lithuania, all residents, including foreigners with residence permits, must declare their place of residence in the county. If living in a rented apartment, a registered rental agreement serves as consent for residence registration. Otherwise, the owner's written consent is required for official registration.

You can find more information about declaring the place of residence by following this link: Registering as a resident (

Happy apartment hunting!