All About Social Security Benefits in Lithuania

Get to know the social security benefits available to you in Klaipeda and how to access them.
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Sodra is Lithuania’s State Social Insurance Fund Board and provides services for all matters related to social insurance. From accessing the various types of social insurance benefits available to residents to managing pensions, Sodra is the state agency serving individuals who contribute to Lithuania’s social insurance fund. 

This article is here to give a breakdown of social security benefits available in Klaipeda and tips for receiving help from English-speaking SODRA specialists at IHKlaipeda.   

Sodra plays a big role as the main point of contact for those who contribute to the fund. Additionally, they assist with health insurance contributions for individuals working abroad or independently. It also handles social insurance contributions related to self-employment, business certification, and freelancing. Furthermore, Sodra provides guidance on maternity, paternity, child benefits, and various pension schemes, including old age, disability, survivor, widower, and supplementary accumulated pensions. Sodra also administers sickness benefits for diseases and accidents at work, along with unemployment benefits and bankruptcy support.  

Social Security System in Lithuania 

Social Security benefits are meant to provide financial stability and assistance for various life circumstances. To receive them, you must meet specific criteria.    

Old-age pension: Old age pension is available for people who reach retirement age; they can receive it to support themselves financially. 

Disability benefits: Disability benefits are for those who cannot work due to a disability or life-altering injury or sickness. These benefits will help to cover living expenses due to lack of a paycheck.  

Survivor's benefits: If the family breadwinner passes away, family members are often able to receive survivor's benefits to help them financially cope with the loss. 

Sickness benefits: A step below disability is sickness benefits. These are for someone who gets sick or injured and can't work temporarily. Sickness benefits are then given to replace lost income during recovery. 

Child benefits: Raising children can be a challenge. In this situation, Sodra acts like a cushion by providing care benefits for parents, grandparents or official guardians. 

Unemployment benefits: Lastly, if someone loses their job involuntarily or gets laid off, they can likely receive unemployment benefits for support while searching for new employment.  

Before seeking social security benefits, do some research or consult with a SODRA specialist at IHKlaipeda to see which class you fall into and if you are likely to be eligible to receive social security.  

Misconceptions of Social Security in Lithuania  

Some people think that social security benefits are only for people who are older or retired. But actually, in Lithuania, these benefits are for different kinds of people, too. Another misunderstanding is that they just come automatically. To be eligible for the benefit, firstly you must apply for it. So, it's important to do your research and consult with IHKlaipeda to apply for the benefits you might qualify for. And if you're wondering how long it takes to get benefits after you apply, well, that depends on various factors. It's a good idea to ask about the expected wait time when you submit your application. 

Insights and Tips 

While we all know that navigating and understanding social security benefits can be kind of confusing, there's no need to worry. Luckily, IHKlaipeda has SODRA specialists sharing insights and helpful tips to be able to help you receive the benefits you need. These include:  

Understanding if you qualify: Firstly, it's important to understand the rules for different social security benefits in Klaipeda. This helps you figure out if you are eligible to get support in the first place. 

Keeping your papers in order: Next, make sure you have all your important documents when you apply. This includes things like your ID, work history, and any medical records if you're applying because of a disability.  

Getting help if you need it: If you need help with how to apply or if you're eligible, feel free to ask us for help or seek guidance from local Social Security offices.  

Staying up to date: Lastly, be aware of any changes to social security benefits in Klaipeda. You can find this information on official government websites, local news, or by contacting SODRA’s consultant at IHKlaipeda.  

We hope that this guide has provided you with valuable information and helpful tips about acquiring social security benefits in Klaipeda. Whether it be healthcare, disability, or retirement, there are many resources available in Lithuania regarding social security, and IHKlaipeda is here to help.